We raised $18,418.9 for
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

I love you - in sign language Thank you!

Skip and Joyce Adell
Elaine Anderson
Joel and JoAnn Anderson
Lucinda Annino and Fred Reynolds
Agustin Arcenas
Greg Ariyan
JoAnn and Cliff Aucter
Dot and Ken Austin
Susan Baker and John Rickard
Ruth Baker
Banker's Life and Casualty
Jeanette and Larry Barbour
Ann and Jack Barrows
Francois and Francoise Berhault
Sandy and Greg Batten
Janet and Sam Batzli
Henry and Christa Bayley
Debbie Beckford
Rick and Jan Bernsten
Ann and Scott Berry
Bill Berry and Wendy Cunningham
Sharon Bohon
Nikki Bonter and John Norwood
Cynthia and Andy Bredikin
Jeff and Jane Brennan
Barbara and Bob Brosius
Mason and Joan Browne
Ted Browne
Ted and Babs Browne
Merlin and Karen Bruening
Harvey Burg
Mat and Charles Burnett
Susan Burke and Ken Morrison
Joanna Calabrese
Kathy and AJ Chandler
Ronald and Goldie Christianson
Theresa and Mike Citrenbaum
Lori and Ken Clark
Mark and Marie Cobb
John and Priscilla Connor
David and Meg Cook
Copies Etc.
Kelley Cormier
Neil and Allie Corbett
Janet and Dick Crane
Eric and Mary Crawford
Sandra Crockett
Bob and Sally Curran
Amy Damon
Lisa Daniels and Nick Minot
Betty Ann Dawson
Brady Deaton
Dan Deternova
RuthAnn and Eric DeLong
McKenzie Demkowicz
Wendy Dennis
Ray Derrickson
Deutsche Bank
Peter and Lisa deWolfe
Doris and Sam Dickson
Lee Doble
Cynthia Donovan
Judy Dow
Denise Dunbar
Caroline Dunkerton
Juanita and James Dunn
Irma and Dennis Dunninger
Sandy and Joel Dutton
Emily Edelstein
Steve and Angie Elliston
Barbara and Norm Enman
Susane and Michael Faraca
Glenn and Karen Faulkner
Doug and Linda Findley
Kate and Russ Fisher
Lewis and Alice Flagg
Les and Muriel Flood
Tom Gallagher
Sam and Karen Galt
Dale and Jan Glidden
Doris and Alex Gokounous
Charlie and Mary Golden
Shawna and Terry Gomoll
Brigitte Grabner and Carsten Mueller
Sean A Graham
Janet Grecco
Kathy Greenough
Malcolm Greenough
Peggy Greenough and Joel Johnson
Kate and Steve Grieco
Lorna and Dick Griffin
Pearl and Burt Gustavsen
Pam and Milton Hadley
Mary Hand
Hansel and Gretel
John and Jane Griffin
Bob and Kay Hanson
Emily Harriman
Joan Hendrickson
Henry Hilton
Doug and Christie Hinterman
Whit and Bea Hodgkins
Julie Howard
Ginger Yank Hwalek
Maryanne Illman
John and Marsha Ivans
Mark and Judy Johnston
Jack and Caro Kaiser
Lisa and Allen Kannapell
Rose Kannuck
Donna and Michael Kaplowitz
Maria and Dick Kauffman
Nancy Kelley
Pam and Mike Kelly
Valerie Kelly
Julie and Gary Kelterborn
Debbie King
Aileen and Don Krebs
Eric Knepper
Lisa and Eric Kovach
Judy Kramer and David Williams
Janet Kutchka
Tuba Kuday
Michele Lagoy
Brenda and Howard Lake
Judy Langille
Bob and Nancy Larned
John J. Larned
Mark and Lynn Larned
John and Leslie Leahy
Abe and Jane Leinbach
Denice and Pat LeVeen
Terry and Mike Lingo
SallyAnne Lund and Paul Liu
Susan and Dennis Lunney
Frank and Patricia Lupi
Jack and Eileen Lynch
Denise Mainville
Lester and Dorothy Manderscheid
Beth Mansfield
Michelle and Steve Martino
Don and Carol Mead
Sandy and Matt Metzger
Dan Meyer and Wendy Flashner
Alecia and Pete McClure
Cliff and Lynn McHatten
David C. McIntosh
Melody McNeil
Scott and Lori Minor
Denise and Tom Monroe
Robin Morrison
Carol and Dan Motta
Janet Munn
Karen and Jeff Munson
Anwar Naseem
Helen and John Neff
Nichelle Neils
Judy Nesbitt
Janet E. O'Connor
Donna Obe
Duane and Pat Oberg
Ken Oberg
Tom Offerman
Joanne O'Rourke
Jane Otto
Peggy Parisot and Mike Cote
Esther and Larry Park
Susan Parks
Dianne and Mark Perrone
Susan Phillips
Nolan and Deborah Poulin
Meeta Punjabi
Becky Putnam
Neal Quimby
Michelle Qualey
Graham Ray and Ann Hageman
Fred Quilitzsch
Genie Quist
Chuck and Lorraine Ravis
Tom Reardon
David and Mary Elizabeth Redding
Karen and Chuck Reddix
Anne and Gerry Remaley
Joe and Laurie Rendin
Sandy Rendin and Barbara Morris
Bill Rice
Ruth Rickard
Kay and Russ Riggs
Bud and Marie Riley
Doug and Eileen Riley
Grace and Newell Riley
Tom and Dianne Riley
Lindon and Bonnie Robison
Jeanne Rodrigues
Suzanne and Chuck Rogers
Ann Rowe
Lynn Runyon
Ann Ryder and David Burdett
Austin Ryder
Cyndy Ryder
Liz Ryder
Phyllis Ryder and Eric Mentzell
Priscilla Ryder
A.J. Rylaarsdam
Vijay Satyal
Katie Saunders
Mary Schulz and Eric Petrie
Jerry Schuur
Doris Shepherd
Ed and Cheryl Shepherd
John Sherman
Lynn Sherman and Dan Whynot
Will Shileds
Catherine and Richard Shonk
Claire Simeone
Mark and Ellen Simmons
Gordon and Janet Smith
Louisa and Jeff Soleau
Pam and Gil Soucy
Alida and Giampiero Spiga
Squire HIll Physical Therapy
Lorie Srivastava and James McQueen
Caroline Stacey
John and Enga Stewart
Duane and Dawn Strojny
Edisson Suarez
Luci and Edward Sujdak
Aral Sureyya
Susquehanna Group
Scott Swinton and Sylvia Morse
Kevin P. Taylor
Ann and Bob Teese
Ken and Sandi Tesh
Ben and Sue Thomas
Eben and Nicole Thomas
Ange and Valerie Tingbo
Kini Tinkham
Monika Tothova
Dolly Tracey
Dave Tschirley and Sally Wallace
Marcia and Gene Tudor
Maryanne Unangst
Penny and Jeff Vaine
Mr. and Mrs. Van Jackson
Mandi Veil
Bill and Jean VerPlanck
Tony VerSteeg
Maria Wanzala
Merv and Nancy Wade
James and Karen Webb
The Weinhardt Family
Caroline Welling
Cliff and Pat West
Marcia Weston
Carl and Sookie Weymouth
Charlotte and Dwight Willman
George and Kay Winkel
Lynn Withrow & Jim Farmer
Charles Woodman
Jane Woodman
Kathy and George Woodring
Michelle and Jeff Young
Jana Zacharewski
Scott and Vickie Zittel


Here's to better medicine




Karen, Sarah, George and Gail raised about $13,000 in addition,
however, we do not have names of their contributors.

If you wish to make a contribution go directly to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or to the National Childhood Cancer Foundation web pages. The NCCF is directly responsible for the protocol that Peter is on as well as for state-of-the-art care across the nation.


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